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OTT Platform Telugu Movies In 2021

Ran out of movie recommendations? Have you covered most of the mainstream cinema in this lockdown? Then have you considered trying out regional films? Most often than not, we turn away from watching films in a language that we don’t know, but cinema is profound. It has no language. When silent films had no voices, everyone sat and watched the movements. Let language not be your barrier, for once you get rid of this notion, you will be open to a world of cinema from various cultures, countries, telling stories.

We live in the age of advanced technology, and now many regional films are available to us on OTT platforms, and almost all are available to download or stream online. One such OTT Platform catering to only region-specific films is aha, a curated platform for Telugu films, series, and shows.

If you are new to Telugu cinema, then here are three new movies online that have left audiences appalled and are available to stream on aha. 

Lucas Alias Johnny.

Telugu dubbed version of the Malayalam film Luca, Luca is a drama film written and directed by Arun Bose and is one of the dubbed Telugu movies online, available on AHA. The film is co-written by Mridul George and stars Tovino Thomas and Ahaana Krishna in lead roles. Newcomers Nimish Ravi and Nikhil Venu handle the cinematography and editing departments, respectively, while Sooraj S. Kurup makes the music.

Luca begins with Akbar, a sad love story, a police officer finding a diary that will be the narrator of the story. In it, we come to find out about Luca, a scrap artist who has mental health and anger issues because of an event in his life. In his life comes Niharika, and thus grows a bond between two strangers. However, things worsen in their perfect life when Luca has been diagnosed with stage four cancer. How the couple solves their issues and lets love make big sacrifices forms the plot. 


A 1991 Telugu thriller film, KshanaKshanam is a classic in the industry with numerous accolades and critical acclaim. Starring Venkatesh and Hindi cinema veterans Sridevi and PareshRawal. The film was directed by Ram Gopal Varma and music by M.M. Keeravani.

An action-thriller, KshanaKshanam, follows the life of Chandu, a small thief, and Satya, who is attacked by goons due to a complicated chain of events that put Satya in the wrong place at the wrong time. Thus follows a cat-mouse chase for a bag of money. With action sequences, thumpy beats, chase scenes, and phenomenal performances from the entire cast, KshanaKshanam ticked all the boxes to be a solid entertainer how Chandu and Satya defy all odds to save their lives from goons and even the police and grow closer, followed by the rest of the story.

Hence, with these two films, you can start introducing yourself to Telugu films. There are many Telugu movies online on the OTT Platform aha, and you are just a subscription away from picking and choosing the best new films and old classics.


You Can Watch SeethammaVakitloSirimalleChettuFor Free

SeethammaVakitloSirimalleChettu is the most emotional movie one can ever watch in telugu. It’s a family drama movie which was directed by SrikanthAddala in the year 2013. It’s a most prominent multi starrer movie. Watch this movie and you will cherish and relate the movie to your actual family. It seems very realistic and connectable. If you’re watching it is an online movie free on aha. A must watch movie for all the telugu movie buffs. SeethammaVakitloSirimalleChettu movie online is available on Aha. Have you seen the movie Peddodu and Chinnodu memes, just a fun part?


The best part of the movie is the kindest of the RelangiMamaya. The main leads don’t have a proper name but they will be called with relations such as Mamaya, peddodu and chinnodu mostly. So coming to the point, the movie begins in a small town Relangi. In RelangiMamaya house. Their house is beautiful just like their hearts. It’s a middle class house which runs with lots of smiles and hope of a good life. Relangimamaya has a good will in the village, everyone loves him and all talk well about him. He has 3 kids Peddodu, Chinnodu and Chinni. Peddodu is an introvert, doesn’t talk much to anybody. Seetha is a Mamaya’ssisters daughter who is very active in household. She takes proper care for Peddodu, her accent is extremely attentive.

You Can Watch SeethammaVakitloSirimalleChettuFor Free

Chinnodu is an extrovert and good flirt. He does whatever comes in his mind. He doesn’t think and hurt someone. He is a happy kid that wants to be with everyone. He falls for Geetha for her beauty and character. Geetha is his relative only, but they have family clashes. Chinni is also a silent kid who gets a good marriage match, never wedding is a good event of the movie. It’s a feel good movie to watch anytime. A complete family entertainer which reminds you of the family and villagers mind set.

Artist Performance:

  • Venkatesh is an awesome actor since ages and in this movie, it’s something new. It’s not a usual character to play but he has justified the character as peddodu.
  • Mahesh Babu is extremely cute in the movie. His look and handsomeness has hit the audience. Extremely talented and good looks middle class attire.
  • Prakash raj, a very noticeable character in the movie.
  • Anjali, it’s the biggest break in her career, she has proved herself in every frame. She was undoubtedly an understanding person in the movie.
  • SamanathaAkkienine was a precious woman in the movie.

Technical Assets:

  • A fresh and uniquely written movie especially for telugu audience.
  • Cinematography is very noticeable, fram, and scenes are beautifully shot.
  • You will like songs which touch the hit directly to heart.


Cast and Crew:

Actor: Mahesh Babu

Actress: Samantha Akkineni

Other actors: Venkatesh, Anjali, Prakash Raj.

Director: SrikanthAddala

Based: Sri Venkateswara Creations

Producer: Dil Raju

Music: Mani Sharma, Mickey J Meyer

Cinematography: K. V. Guhan

Editing: Marthand K. Venkatesh

Written By: SrikanthAddala

Other information:

Runtime: 159 minutes

Release date: 11 January 2013

Genre: Family, Drama

Budget: ₹150 million

Box Office: Est. ₹510–550 million

There are many more online movies free on aha platform. You can watch many free movies without subscription.