High pressure washing: a good compromise

Often offered at petrol stations, this cleaning method offers numerous benefits. First point in favor: despite the evident force of the jet, the high pressure washing is actually the one that damages the paint and the colored parts the least. In practice there is no direct friction and the pressure alone is not dangerous for the body, provided that a certain distance is respected! Second positive aspect: the water consumption is significantly lower than that generated by other cleaning methods. Depending on the program chosen, a high pressure wash requires between 50 and 150 liters of water. Last and important pro: the jet allows you to reach all surfaces, as opposed to rollers or manual washing. On the other hand, high pressure cleaning requires some effort and time to investĀ commercial cleaning services in Cincinnati, OH

commercial cleaning services in Cincinnati, OH

At home or in a car wash, with the lance or with the rollers, washing the car is part of the necessary actions to keep your vehicle in good condition. Everyone has the possibility to choose the cleaning method that corresponds to their needs and expectations.

Some tips for choosing the pressure washer that best suits your needs.

The pressure washer is now among the most widespread and used cleaning machines both in the professional and domestic environment. The operation of the pressure washer is as simple as it is effective: a compressor emits a jet of water at high pressure that helps to remove dirt and encrustations effortlessly from pipes, walls, vehicles, machinery, floors in workshops and warehouses …

The machine can be equipped with different lances, guns and heads to better adapt to the different surfaces and the various cleaning needs and can emit, depending on the model, hot or cold water

The temperature of the jet emitted by the machine creates the greatest doubts for those who need to buy or rent a pressure washer. You need to have clear ideas, especially if you need to make a professional use of it.

Choosing a hot water jet pressure washer is the best choice for those who find themselves having to deal with more stubborn dirt or who need the tool for professional and industrial purposes.